National Women’s Hall of Fame Event- Chicago

Free Speech and The Transcendent Journey of Chris Drew

Community screening of “Free Speech and The Transcendent Journey of Chris Drew” a film about a street artist and his pursuit of freedom of speech and the US legal system.
When- Friday, November 14th at 7:30pm
Where- Logan Theater, 2646 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL

Introduction to Restorative Justice and Peace Circles

At Roosevelt University in the Auditorium Building Room 410

October 10, 2014 from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Restorative justice is about building relationships, open and honest communication, repairing harm, equal voice, respect, empathy and healing. This workshop will introduce the concept of restorative justice and present examples of how it is being deployed in Chicago today.

Peace circles are one example of this practice. They create safe spaces for authentic youth and inter-generational engagement. At this workshop we will explore ways to built positive relationships and healthy communities through restorative justice . You will learn the power of the circle by experiencing the circle process .


The Service-Learning and Civic Engagement Consortium (SLCEC*) presents a faculty professional learning session: Service-Learning: Paradigm, Pedagogy, Practice

SCLEC oct 10

The Chicago International Social Change Film Festival (CISCFF)

As you all know, change cannot happen without educating and inspiring the masses or without youth being at the forefront of whatever movement results.

Today, Roosevelt would like to encourage you to support an organization and a campaign that is the vehicle for exactly that. The Chicago International Social Change Film Festival (CISCFF) and the #CISCFF500 Campaign.

CISCFF is a vehicle for social change that uses film to educate and inspire people to address the world’s greatest issues.
#CISCFF500 is CISCFF’s campaign to donate 500 tickets to youth (ages 14-22).

To participate, all people need to do is buy their tickets for CISCFF (which will take place from 9/26-28 at Showplace Icon, 150 W. Roosevelt, see the attached schedule of incredible and inspiring films) by 9/15 via ($20/ticket) and a ticket will be donated to youth for each ticket purchased!

Purchasing tickets early ensures that more youth get to see and create change this year so don’t wait to get your tickets!

Labor Movement & Women Conference in St. Louis

The Veteran Feminist of America will be hosting a conference on the relationship between the Labor Movement and the Women’s Movement on Saturday, September 27th at the Renaissance Grand Hotel, St. Louis, Missouri. Scholarships are available.

  AcademicT flier6

Restorative Justice & Peace Circles: An Introduction


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