The Chicago International Social Change Film Festival (CISCFF)

As you all know, change cannot happen without educating and inspiring the masses or without youth being at the forefront of whatever movement results.

Today, Roosevelt would like to encourage you to support an organization and a campaign that is the vehicle for exactly that. The Chicago International Social Change Film Festival (CISCFF) and the #CISCFF500 Campaign.

CISCFF is a vehicle for social change that uses film to educate and inspire people to address the world’s greatest issues.
#CISCFF500 is CISCFF’s campaign to donate 500 tickets to youth (ages 14-22).

To participate, all people need to do is buy their tickets for CISCFF (which will take place from 9/26-28 at Showplace Icon, 150 W. Roosevelt, see the attached schedule of incredible and inspiring films) by 9/15 via ($20/ticket) and a ticket will be donated to youth for each ticket purchased!

Purchasing tickets early ensures that more youth get to see and create change this year so don’t wait to get your tickets!

Labor Movement & Women Conference in St. Louis

The Veteran Feminist of America will be hosting a conference on the relationship between the Labor Movement and the Women’s Movement on Saturday, September 27th at the Renaissance Grand Hotel, St. Louis, Missouri. Scholarships are available.

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Restorative Justice & Peace Circles: An Introduction

Mentorship Opportunities Available

New Horizon Mentorship Program

Are you interested in helping combat disengagement and dropout rates among youth who may be from undeserved communities?  Become a New Horizons Mentor and do just that!  New Horizon Mentors are matched with a 6th, 7th or 8th grade student to help them connect to their schoolwork, motivate, and increase the students’ performance in school.  You will meet with your student at the Gads Hill Center in the Pilsen neighborhood (right off the pink line), once per week for two hours at a time.  The New Horizon Mentorship program will not only look great on your resume, but you will be positively impacting the community by providing social-emotional and academic support to students who need it.

Spark Mentorship Program

The Spark program and their volunteers work to keep our 7th and 8th grade youth in school and engaged in class.  By volunteering only two hours, once a week, you will be matched with a student at the Roosevelt University campus you will help these students reach the tremendous potential they are capable of.  This opportunity will be a great resume booster as well as being a positive influence on society!

Roosevelt University Community Members: An Opportunity to Live Our Social Justice Mission

Interested in tutoring a child in reading? Opportunities will be available beginning in October through the Mansfield Institute for Social Justice and Transformation (MISJT) We are partnering again this year with a community organization, WITS, in order to provide educational support to fourth and fifth graders from high needs areas.

Youth will be coming to the Chicago Campus every Tuesday and need mentorship and help to increase their reading skills in order to succeed in school. Members of the Roosevelt community, including faculty, administrators and students, are invited to join us for this worthwhile experience. (We encourage faculty members to reach out to their students about this opportunity)

This on-Campus opportunity provides volunteers with a chance to share their love of learning with a child, and for that child to connect with faculty, students, and staff at Roosevelt. A WITS program Coordinator and a MISJT staff member will be on site at each session. WITS will provide a training (no previous experience required) plus all books and materials, and transportation for the students.

Start Date: September 30, 2014
Location: Chicago Campus Auditorium Building, Room 320
Time: Tuesdays. 3:33-4:30
For more information contact the Mansfield Institute at:

Troy Withers, current Mansfield Institute intern and peace keeper, unveils his “Peace Diet” at Morrill Elementary School.

Troy Withers, current Mansfield Institute intern and peace keeper, unveils his “Peace Diet” at Morrill Elementary School.

Rafael Castaneda, Matthew Freeman Social Justice Award Honorable Mention.

Rafael Castaneda, Matthew Freeman Social Justice Award Honorable Mention.


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